How to Create a profesional team in México?

"The process of creating a Football Club requires at least 2 main elements: 1) The sports brand, and 2) A legal entity that owns the brand. Without delving into the process of obtaining the brand and creating the legal entity, based on ordinary regulations.

Along that imaginary line, assuming the aforementioned has been successfully obtained, we look at the third element: 3) The Affiliation Certificate. This is a document of an eminently private nature issued by the Mexican Football Federation, which allows or authorizes participation in official professional competitions.

"But how is an affiliation certificate obtained?"

At this point, we must state in general terms that it is necessary to comply with the regulations of the Mexican Football Federation, through the so-called 'Reglamento de Afiliación Nombre y Sede,' where the need to meet Social, Legal, Financial, and Sports requirements is established. The complexity of these requirements will depend on the documents established there, so it is recommended to start the process well in advance.

Once this is established, payments for fees (which are non-refundable) must be made, serving as the basis for the Inspection and Evaluation of the documents. If the inspection and/or evaluation are deemed appropriate, the request must be submitted for approval by the Assembly of Clubs of the respective Division.

"It is essential to communicate directly with the Mexican Football Federation to obtain specific guidance and ensure the correct following of all required steps. Alternatively, seeking advice from a sports lawyer with an emphasis on football is advisable.

"Given the above, the last question one should ask would be: How does football become a business?"

-Alejandro B

"The Agent FIFA"

What do you need?

In the world of soccer, you could be an "Agent" as an interested party; We mean, if you are a student, or you need to take a decision for your professional career, being a sports lawyer licensed by FIFA is a great option. But what do you need? First of all, it is important to specify that a FIFA agent, despite not necessarily being a lawyer, requires very specific knowledge of FIFA regulations, this implies knowing regulations such as "RSTP" and the regulations of the Association to which you are located (due to your location). To do this, you must pass an exam, which the Sports Federation of your country establishes in accordance with FIFA and once the exam is passed, you will be able to dedicate yourself to;

1) Registration of Footballers with a Club or a League. 2) Employment of a coach with a Club, league or Federation. 3) Participate in "Transfer" negotiations 4) Prepare documentation for the termination of employment relationships. 5) Participate in the negotiation of an Employment Contract.

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